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Now enjoy effortless control

over all your blinds, shades, and draperies

with the touch of a button from anywhere in the room!


Whether we’re motorizing the custom-made window treatments we manufacture, or replacing our competitors’ faulty motors with something that works, the Drapes’n Shades technicians have the experience, training and know-how to ensure everything connects and operates the way you would expect from the first-choice referral from hundreds of satisfied customers for motorized window coverings.


Probably not to a 10-year-old! Just kidding!

For many, it might seem confusing and complicated, much like a car engine might seem when you open the hood. And, like most people, the only thing you want to know is how to start the car, or in the case of motorized window treatments, be able to press a button from wherever you are (yes, anywhere!) and let the events unfold as you’d like them to. True? We ‘get it’, so, sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us...we've been doing this for a while!


As one of the first companies to offer motorization as an affordable option, we are also recognized as Somfy® Motorization Experts. And because we have many years of experience working with automated windows, we're in constant demand to confer with homeowners who've chosen to upgrade and add motorization to their existing window coverings, as well as designers and builders who are looking to integrate motorization with their clients’ smart-home systems. 

In fact, with smart-home technology now becoming the norm, one of the best ways to increase a new home's future resale value is to ensure the house gets properly wired BEFORE the drywall goes up. So, even if the new owner decides not to motorize right away, or at all, the appropriate wiring will already be in place -- this will save many, many thousands of dollars in future renovation costs, not to mention the all the dust and aggravation that generally joins the action uninvited.  

1.   Convenience

Remember the days when you had to get up from the sofa and plough through yards of 3-inch shag carpet just to raise the volume or change the TV channel? It was a hassle, just like having to get up to open and close your drapes and shades by hand, and especially if you have a lot of windows. Well, with motorized window coverings, those days will thankfully end and your skylights and other hard-to-reach windows, like that one over the sink, simply won’t be hard-to-reach any more! And honestly... who wants to crawl out of a nice warm bed in the morning and begin their day fumbling with drapery cords etc.? Motorization will change all that because you'll have the convenience of managing and manipulating all your window coverings by the simple touch of a button on your hand-held remote, phone or notebook, or with a timer that can be set easily to respond to your own schedule. Now, that’s civilized!

2.  Security and Safety

A very effective way to reinforce the security of your house is to make it appear as if someone’s home, like leaving a few lights on when you’re out for the evening. When you motorize, your drapes and shades, as part of a smart-home automation, can be programmed, so that your drapes will open and close, or the shades will move up and down whenever you decide they should. Plus, when you have motorized window coverings, you've made your home even safer because you won’t have to worry about your little ones pulling on or playing with hanging cords etc.

3.  Designed Elegance

Having the experts from Drapes ‘n Shades install motorized window coverings throughout your living space will create a very elegant and sophisticated way to raise your home’s interior style to the next level and beyond. And don’t even get us started on the “cool” factor, but the truth is: if you find yourself at home or even the office, demonstrating your motorized window coverings is a pretty cool way to dazzle your guests -- we’re talking serious “oohs” and “ahhhs” here! Imagine…simply touch a button on your smartphone, tablet or hand-held remote, or even better (and this is a very cool demonstration) …say, Hey Google! Hey Alexa! Close each roller shade separately! You'll gasp as you see each shade lowers down on its own -- and then, tingle as you watch a whole bank of shades slowly rise together in one fluid motion, perfectly aligned, or your custom-made drapery gently and quietly flows along it's tracking – talk about state-of-the-art toys -- why, it’s enough to make a grown man cry! (Sorry, tissues not included!). 

4.  Home Theatre

Do you enjoy watching big screen movies at home? Well, sit back and enjoy the show as your black-out drapery glides ever so evenly along the motorized tracking system, closing or opening just like the stage curtains you see in a movie theatre or on a....stage(!). Talk about elegant, because especially now, motorizing your curtains will streamline the whole process let you say so long and farewell to all those unsightly, tangled cords forever!’ll wonder what took you so long!

5.  Real Energy Savings

Depending on the time of day and the direction the sun is shining, motorized window coverings can actually help reduce your energy costs because they can block much of the sunlight pouring in through your windows.This can be especially helpful for folks who are looking for ways to save on their controllable household expenses, because you can always use your hand-held or wall-mounted remote to control your shades, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. Even better, let our motorization experts show you how to use a timer to set your drapes, shades and blinds to open or close when you decide it's best – how cool is that?  This allows you to prevent your AC from working overtime all day trying to keep the room temperature down while competing with the sun’s blistering non-stop intensity -- so, at the end of the day (literally!), your living space will always remain a comfortable and welcoming place to come home to and enjoy – and with no pun intended, that's pretty cool too!

6.  Furniture Protection

 As you decide to motorize your window treatments, even one room at a time as your needs or budget require, you can rely on the experience and technical expertise of Drapes’n Shades to elevate your home’s interior style to the next level. By integrating our custom-made sunscreens, black-outs, cellular blinds and shades with today’s smart-home technology, you'll be able to prevent harmful UV rays from creating permanent damage and fading to your artwork, hardwood floors, carpets and other interior furnishings. And remember, not only will this also keep the space cooler and more comfortable, you'll be reducing your energy costs at the same time. 

And that’s just the beginning!  We can even motorize most of your existing blinds and shades, including your skylights! And to make life easy, when we design, create and automate all your window coverings, including blackout and cellular shades, we also provide you with your choice of hand-held or wall-mounted remote controls. Plus, because we do our own designing and manufacturing in-house, you're also entitled to receive and enjoy Factory Direct Savings every day!

 It’s no wonder so many interior designers love working with us!

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