Blackout Roller Shades

Are you very light sensitive?
Do you have a need for
total privacy?

Will Baby stop crying
only if the bedroom is dark? 
Want to turn your home theatre
into a real home theatre?


Drapes’n Shades can show you a great selection of room darkening fabrics that will provide the right type of light-blocking effect you require to keep some or all unwanted daylight and nightlight out. Depending on your needs, we have everything starting from a practical blackout roller shade to being able to offer blackout ‘room darkening’ fabrics for all your cellular shades, Roman shades, Zebras, Sheers and Skylights. These fabrics provide a more-than-adequate room-darkening effect for your bedrooms and allow you to maintain style continuity throughout your home without having to add another layer of fabric (and expense!).


The same applies your draperies. Drapes’n Shades can show your how adding a blackout liner or actual lining can completely transform your drapery system, especially for a home audio/visual theatre system or a home office or any other place that requires privacy or needs to block out both the light and any unwanted noise. Depending on your requirements, we can suggest either a translucent fabric (room darkening/dim out) or an opaque fabric (blackout).


Drapes’n Shades has created a unique Dual Shade system where we combine two roller shades together, with the Blackout shade closest to the window (inside-mounted) to attain the greatest blackout efficiency possible (99% total darkness!) This total blackout system was designed by Drapes’n Shades and includes our exclusive custom-designed ‘reverse’ blackout facia along with custom-cut side channels to eliminate maximum light seepage by covering light gaps from around the top, sides and bottom.

Plus, when you combine the inside-mounted blackout shade with a room-side treatment (outside-mounted) such as a Sunscreen Roller Shade, Sheer St. Tropez Shade, Roman Shade, Cellular Shade, Panel Track, Zebra and even Drapes, you now have the flexibility to go from complete darkness to any range of lightness simply by raising the blackout shade while keeping the outside shade in place. The days of ‘all or nothing’ are finally over – now, with a Dual Blackout Shade System from Drapes’n Shades, the choices are all yours!


The short answer is …Absolutely! And when it involves motorization, Drapes’n Shades has the expertise to motorize your Blackout Roller Shades with a choice of hard-wired, solar or battery-powered options, all of which can be conveniently controlled with a hand-help remote, voice-command (Hey Alexa!), or even from your phone!

For your bedrooms, using motorized blackout shades sure does make life a lot simpler and yes, it truly is quite civilized! And when you begin to motorize your shades in conjunction with other window treatments such as draperies, you’ll be able to add that special dash of panache all throughout your home wherever you want privacy from the outside.

As one of the first to motorize window treatments, , the experts at Drapes’n Shades can help you customize the look you want with a complete range of motorized blackout options, including our Blackout Dual Shade System (see above). And yes, dare we say it, with Dual Shades, it’s twice as cool to use and watch!


Drapes’n Shades is one of the first window treatment companies to offer motorization as an option. We know what we’re doing when it comes to making and installing custom-designed window treatments. And we have the perfect solution for making our blackouts make it happen for you. It's not a coincidence that interior designers love working with us. Call us today!

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