Sheer Shades - St.Tropez

“Understated elegance”
is how one of our clients described
our St. Tropez Sheer Shade"

With fabric vanes suspended horizontally between two sheer fabric facings, our own St. Tropez Sheer Shade combines the elegant appearance of a delicate fabric shade (translucent, soft and airy) with the simple functionality of a traditional blind – easily adjustable to be opened completely, partially or totally closed). Similar to the original Hunter Douglas® Silhouette®, our St. Tropez Sheer Shades provide you with several viewing options and offer exceptional value for your money.

Get rid of those old blinds and completely transform your lifestyle with our St. Tropez Sheer Shade!

Our St. Tropez Sheer Shade provides a very classy alternative to the typical “all or nothing” type of shade…… because they do everything! Certainly not like the typical heavy, thick California Shutters (also an outdated style) which can block out an excessive amount of light (up to 27%), even when they’re open, while compromising your view to the outside and leaving you completely exposed to anyone who walks by. Our St. Tropez Sheer Shade gives you the best of all worlds because they do it all – they will easily transform your living space, and your lifestyle!

Tilting the Vanes TOTALLY CLOSED

  1. Room Lightening: The sheer fabric will filter and diffuse bright sunlight (and help preserve your furnishings, artwork, floors etc. from fading), block out UV rays, eliminate glare and permit total privacy while still allowing enough natural light to brighten the room and reduce the need to switch the lights on in the middle of the day -the similar effect as if a white cloud were to block the sun.
  2. Room Darkening vanes will block sunlight completely and substantially darken the room. The fabric vanes are constructed with a black-out fabric on one side (facing outside) with the lighter fabric on the other to maintain the overall ‘softer’ look inside.

Tilting the Vanes PARTIALLY OPEN

  1. Tilting about half-way (between open and closed) allows more light to flood the room while still diffusing or blocking the bright sunlight. Depending on the location of the window, total privacy may be limited somewhat.
  2. Tilting slightly can still diffuse much of the sunlight while permitting a degree of visibility while looking inside or outside.

Tilting the Vanes COMPLETELY OPEN

  1. When the blind is down, and the vanes are open completely, the sheer fabric (depending on its weight) can filter your view so that anything that is solid and stationary outside (trees, parked cars etc.) can take on a ‘cameo’ appearance or look like a silhouette.


The short answer is…Yes, they can!

As one of the first to motorize SHEER window treatments, the experts at Drapes’n Shades can help you customize the look you want with a complete range of motorized light filtering, sunscreen and blackout fabrics, and in a variety of vane sizes – 2”, 2 ½”, 3” and more! And when it involves motorization, Drapes’n Shades has the expertise to motorize your shades with a choice of hard-wired, solar or battery-powered options, all of which can be easily and conveniently controlled with a hand-help remote, voice-command (Hey Alexa!), or even from your phone! Don’t put it off any longer– Drapes’n Shades is one of the first window treatment companies to offer motorization as an option and has the perfect solution for helping you transform your living space and your lifestyle. Call us today!

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