Skylight Shades

For some, it’s a love-hate relationship…


Simply put, skylight shades are intended to provide shade (protection from the sun) and serve as a buffer between the inside and outside (insulation). Their cellular construction (similar to a honeycomb) is designed to trap air within each pocket which forms an insulating barrier, effectively reducing the substantial heat transfer that occurs through skylights (to/from the inside and outside). The cellular design also performs much like a shield, offering protection from harmful UV rays while filtering and diffusing the sunlight, thereby allowing considerable light minus the bright. In fact, you can expect to cut UV penetration by at least 90% and reduce radiated heat gain by more than 65% with a cellular skylight shade.

And for added energy savings and efficiency, Drapes’n Shades offers a Blackout Skylight Shade, custom-designed and manufactured with a blackout cellular fabric that not only acts as an effective insulating barrier between your inside space and the outdoor elements, but also includes a metal lining that will help significantly lower your energy consumption and reduce the unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace or air conditioner.

For those who desire a more refined look, such as fitting your skylight with a flat Roman design, Drapes’n Shades can provide you with hundreds of fabric samples to choose from and skylight shade examples to look at. Our custom design specialist will be happy to work with you and/or your interior designer to help you make the appropriate choice and provide you with factory-direct savings.

Can Skylight Shades be MOTORIZED?

The short answer is…Yes, they can!

As one of the first to motorize cellular skylight window coverings, the experts at Drapes’n Shades can help you customize the look you want with a complete range of motorized light filtering, sunscreen and blackout fabrics, both cellular and otherwise, and in all colours, sizes and configurations.
And when it involves motorization, Drapes’n Shades has the expertise to motorize your skylight shades with a choice of hard-wired, solar or battery-powered options, all of which can be easily and conveniently controlled with a hand-help remote, voice-command (Hey Alexa!), or even from your phone! 
Traditionally, the standard skylight shade is operated manually by using an extension (telescope) pole or with the pull of a cord. That said, motorizing your skylight shade can certainly make life easier. However, for many newer or renovated homes today, skylights are very popular and are starting to become a standard fixture for most new-builds. As a result, the practicality of using a cord or a pole is becoming more limited, particularly for hard-to-reach and second story skylight windows, and for some of the irregular shaped skylights that are popping up more and more.

1.   The GOOD News

Architecturally-speaking, skylights are very cool! People love the airy brightness and abundance of natural light that flows into their home during the day, making their living spaces brighter, creating a natural feeling of freedom and openness. In the evening, the skylight can stir a closer connection with nature as a deep-space view of the stars becomes visible or a magical shower of romantic moonlight floods the room. Sigh!

2.   The BAD News

When buying a skylight, most folks had no idea that the hot, blazing daytime sunlight would create an intense, over-bearing glare on their computers and TVs, or how the sun’s UV rays would eventually fade or damage anything in its path. And at the same time, even with the AC running full-time during the warm summer months, who would have imagined how the excessive heat in the home rises and collects to the point where the whole floor can become uncomfortably warm and unliveable. Groan!

3.   Even WORSE News!

Because of the way many homes tend to ‘settle’ over time, this can cause the general infrastructure, along with the door and window casements, to move or shift slightly, which usually creates a break in the sealing. For an untreated skylight window during the icy-cold winter weather, these breaks will slowly multiply as they permit cold wind and drafts to leak in quite noticeably, while allowing rising heat and precious moisture to escape, all of which combine to make your living space an undesirable place to be in.

So, despite best intentions, all of this means that an untreated skylight can unwittingly defeat the purpose of having one in the first place. And to add insult to injury, depending on where it’s placed in your home, an untreated skylight can force your expensive HVAC system to work much harder and longer than it was designed to and cause your energy costs to literally go through the roof! (now you know where that phrase comes from) Scream!

4.   The GREAT News!

The great news is that Drapes’n Shades has the experience and hands-on know-how to provide you with the right type of skylight shade that gives you the freedom to decide and control the amount of light that shines in while providing an insulating barrier between the inside of your home and the outside elements.

Drapes’n Shades will be able to custom design, manufacture and expertly install your skylight shade in any size or shape you need so you can control the cold, heat and light all season ‘round, day or night, and enjoy more pleasure out of your skylights than you could imagine. Stand up and Cheer!


Book your appointment right now with Drapes'n Shades and let us help you transform your quality of life! As one of the first window treatment companies to offer motorization as an affordable option, Drapes'n Shades can design and create the perfect solution for shading any skylight. And when you buy direct from the manufacturer (that's us!) you'll also receive Factory Direct Savings, so don't put it off any longer! Call us today and find out why interior designers love working with us!

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