Sunscreen Roller Shades

Custom-designs and manufactures sunscreen roller shades

With their sleek simplified lines, easy operation and relative affordability, sunscreen roller shades (also known as solar shades) provide an ideal window treatment solution for homes and offices alike. Drapes’n Shades can make them operate manually or provide you with several motorization options designed to easily integrate with smart-home technology or office tower solar-battery or auto-timed application.


Drapes’n Shades provide roller shade fabrics which block the sun, not the view

Our sunscreen fabrics are woven to very precise standards, controlling the amount of surface area left open (opacity). This means you can choose exactly how much light you’d like to let through your windows. From a range of 1% to 14%, sunscreen fabrics between 3% and 10% opacity will reduce glare, yet still provide excellent levels of view-through, in combination with excellent levels of solar performance.

You can actually reduce your energy costs,
even under direct sunlight

Used alone or layered with drapes or valance treatments, the light-filtering qualities of sunscreen roller shades serve to block and diffuse the sunlight, thereby reducing the level of heat conducted, along with the irritating glare and reflection that direct sunlight produces. How cool is that? (no pun intended!). Depending on the time of day, you can raise or lower your shades to determine the amount of light and heat you want.

Motorizing your roller shades
will make energy-saving even easier!

Drapes’n Shades can show you how to set your roller shades to open and close by a timer or by electronic sensitivity to the direction the sun is shining. And by not having to compete with the sun’s non-stop intensity, your motorized roller shades will serve to prevent your AC from working overtime. And as an added plus, the sunscreens you buy from Drapes’n Shades will also help prevent damaging UV rays from entering your home, which can help to reduce the fading of textiles, artwork and interior furnishings, while still preserving your view to the outside.

Sunscreens will keep you connected
to the outside…even when you’re inside!

Whether at home or in the office, studies have shown that staying connected to one’s natural surroundings will help maintain or increase productivity because, while offering a degree of privacy (from outside), sunscreen roller shades also provide an excellent level of see-through (from inside). Having this kind of ‘physical’ contact has proven to foster a measurable sense of well-being or degree of natural enhancement, along with a sense of not feeling ‘closed in’.

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